Latest Case Study:

New Mild Steel Workshop Development

The Challenge:

Operating with one 20 x 15 metre workshop, housing machinery, stock and six engineers, we were constantly running out of space. Especially when the larger jobs came in.

All the mild and stainless-steel jobs were being manufactured in the same workshop, even though we were using welding curtains to section off the bays to eliminate contamination, this wasn’t ideal.

The Arlo Solution:

We had a building that was beyond repair. It was the perfect area to build a bespoke 19 x 6 metre workshop in its place. This workshop would house all mild steel jobs.

Complete with an overhead crane, and space for three engineers, it would give us the room we needed to expand.

It has taken six months of hard work, but in April, we manufactured the first few mild steel jobs in it and now it houses two full time engineers.

We’ve designed our very own Sling Shadow Board to store the slings safely, ready for when the over-head crane arrives later this year.

To offset some of our carbon footprint, our new workshop has an environmentally friendly green roof. Its made up of Sea Hardened Sedum. The benefits of it are, it insulates, reduces sound, increases insects and reduces our cardon footprint.




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