Case Study:

New Multi-Lane Transport Conveyor

The Challenge:

Employees were having to lift 25kg bags approximately nine times to complete the process of weighing, bag sealing, metal detecting and loading on to pallets. This needed to change for health and safety, manual handling reasons and to make the process quicker by removing multiple lifts.

The Arlo Solution:

We’ve designed and manufactured a 28-metre Multi- Lane Transport Conveyor, to run from the packing area direct to the warehouse. This is fed by five feed conveyors coming from each of the blending bays, using pneumatic bespoke bag arms, proximity sensors and a PLC to control the timing of the bag placement.

The product is dispensed from each of the five blenders and weighed at the bottom of each feed conveyor. The bag sealer is positioned to seal the bag before it travels along the feed conveyor, onto the large transport conveyor and through the metal detector before being sorted into the warehouse.




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