The Cobot

Collaborative robots, known as cobots, expand capacity for businesses of all sizes.

They can change the way employees work; integrate seamlessly with existing processes, layouts, equipment and improve quality across many applications.

Collaborative automation makes the workplace safer and lets workers purse more valuable tasks.

No huge cash outlay!

Little disruption on the factory floor!

No complicated coding by specially trained personnel!

The cobot is different from the traditional industrial robot thanks to its small footprint, lightweight, and ease of use.

The cobot makes automation fast, flexible, and affordable.

The e-Series family has six members. UR3e, UR5e, UR16e, UR10e, UR20e and UR30e. Each one offers a different reach and payload but share the same ease of use and dependability.

(The UR5e cobot was used recently on a pick and place ordered by a local food factory whereas we use the UR10e on the palletiser).

From packaging and palletising to machine tending, to assembling and welding, cobots can take on labour intensive tasks that leave staff free to deploy their expertise elsewhere.