Most production facilities perform this end of line task. Therefore, an efficient, safe, and reliable palletising system is pivotal.

With the increasing shortage of labour in the manufacturing sector and the high risk of staff injuries, leading to prolonged absences, it’s understandable why this part of the production process is suffering.

The solution to this is a collaborative robotic palletising. These Cobot Palletisers work for hours without any need for breaks or any risk to your staff welfare, increasing production output and getting products to your customers faster.

HSE reported that in 2021-2022, 7.3 million workdays were lost because of poor manual handling. Training can eliminate some of this, but the Cobot Palletiser can remove it completely from this process. No more heavy lifting and stacking for your employees!

When palletising is done by a human, there’s a higher risk of error than when using a Cobot Palletiser. It is programmed to execute with consistency and precision meaning all pallets are compact and stable reducing damage to products during transportation within the procedure or during shipment.